Dima Online Framework

Welcome to Dima's framework. The site is an online tool to build open source content management system Joomla template is.

کمک به خیریه مهر آفرین

Welcome to the online site building template, the template builder web content management based on the latest version of your theme, the technology used in the design of this template is compatible with the W3C and hTML5 Css3 technology also supports this format and style of the moment is the demo version is limited.

Features Template Builder

Template design principles based design xhtml 1.0 to xhtml 5.0
CSS standard and is compatible with all browsers
Using jQuery
The use of effects and possibilities of CSS 3
Online design templates to define the rows and columns so
Take advantage of the great tree menus
Take advantage of the slider jQuery and CSS 3
Take advantage of jQuery tab
Take advantage of Persian fonts
Take advantage of jQuery plugins
Compatible with Bootstrap framework
Take export on Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke

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