Dima Online Framework

Welcome to Dima's framework. The site is an online tool to build open source content management system Joomla template is.

Template Builder online tool to design a structure or framework Jvmlast format, this means you can frame your site with tools in the middle of the site and its arrow keys.

Using these keys can be created by or columns, the size of each of these boxes by default and is determined based on the overall size of the site, if you want smaller or larger size you can simply tick the box Take your position and enter the desired size.

The great thing with this tool is to know this software is only designed framework and is responsible for the remaining work, including the beautification work

تمامی حقوق برای گروه نرم افزاری دیما محفوظ است ، طراحی شده توسط دیما تمپلیت (میترا تمپلیت) ، قدرت یافته از دیما سی ام اس

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